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Wild Rose Shea Butter
Wild Rose Shea Butter

Wild Rose Shea Butter

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Made for all skin types, cruelty-free, and handmade in small batches to ensure quality provide maximum healing benefits. This Shea Butter can be used on the hands, body, feet, and hair. Made from West African Shea Butters, Organic oils, and infused with healing crystals.  Each jar comes with daily affirmations which can be used during application. 

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Maurisa "Reecee" Castillo

At Cevyn Wonders, we provide you with all natural, organic, and non GMO products. Using products that are grown directly from Mother Earth will work best to replenish, maintain, and repair our bodies. With the healing crystals infusing each product, the healing work extends to the mind and the spirit. Healing is a trilateral process and should be approached with efforts to shift all three in a positive direction. Cevyn Wonders makes trilateral healing easy and effective.


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 Cevyn Wonders is safe for all skin types because we use all natural, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients. All products are safe for infants, children, women, and men. Using ingredients that are raw and unrefined promotes nourishment and healing for the skin.

Cevyn Wonders is a unique brand that is holistic and ushers in healing from a mental, physical, and spiritual facet. Holistic healing takes place on all three levels, to promote balance and wholeness. We enhance our products with healing crystals and essential oils to encourage elevation



Awesome Store, Love the products!

- Gina

I received one of the most amazing tarot reading from Reecee. Her approach to your reading is beautiful because of the way she is in tune with her own intuition that the messages are so very clear & understanding that she gives you. I love & respect that she tells you what needs to be heard & not what you want to hear.


Love the organic products, finally something that works on my Skin!


ReeCee Has Amazing Talent In Tarot Reading! I Went Into The Tarot Reading With A Open Mind And Heart And Im Overly Pleased With The Clarity I Have When I Left It. Give ReeCee Your Time!


I'm loving the vibes!

- Teresa